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Heavy Duty Loader Mounted & Truck Mounted Snow Blowers in Buffalo NY • Erie County • Western New York
Built for maximum performance and dependability in even the most severe weather conditions.
Available at Bison Snow Plows: (716) 894-5799

Snogo Municipal Snow Blowers and Snow Removal Equipment Buffalo NY
Snogo has been keeping streets, highways and airports open for nine decades. Snogo is the leading brand of loader-mounted & truck-mounted
snow blowers in the United States and has developed a reputation for unbeatable performance and reliability.

Truck Mount Snow Blower

Truck Mount Snow Blower

Truck Mount Snow Blower

LR-44 Blower
Loader Mount Snow Blower

MP-318 Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower

DF Series truck mount snow
blower with a two stage ribbon type mechanical drives


A Two stage ribbon type truck mounted snow blower


A Two stage 3 auger type snow
blower for conventional
4x4 chassis


Two stage self contained ribbon
type loader mount snow blower-
Sized for 4-5 cubic yard loaders 


Two stage self contained auger
type snow blower-Sized for 4-5
cubic yard loaders

MP Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower

WK Series
Loader Mount Snow Blower




Two stage auger type hydro-
mechanical driven snow blower.
For 3 to 3.5 cubic yard loaders


Two stage auger type snow
blower For 2 - 2.5 cu. yd. loaders























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